Print Screen Your Brand

Print Screen Your Brand

Spyware-Free Print Screen Your Brand Utility Software Combines...

Spyware-Free Print Screen Your Brand Utility Software Combines Power of Computer Screen Capture Features with Customized, Unlimited Hyper-Linked Promotional Company Messages.

The Print Screen key now becomes a custom, one-on-one personal branding tool for your company. Your company receives unlimited, dynamic hyperlinked taglines containing your choice of promotional messages.

The taglines - seen on the upper right hand corner of the user interface of the software - can be customized with your organization's choice of font styles and colors as well as background colors.

Whether your advertising, sales, or promotional budget is small or large, Print Screen Your Brand (PSYB) is your most cost-effective solution.

Print Screen Your Brand is totally customizable software with your latest sales, marketing, or promotional messages, company colors, logos, and font styles to reflect your image.

Print Screen Your Brand gives you the extra edge in your sales and marketing campaigns by keeping you in front of your existing and potential customers.

Your messages reach customers every time they hit the Print Screen key. Promotional products like imprinted pens, calendars, baseball caps, coffee mugs, and plaques convey a limited message and offer limited uses.

You can now provide your potential and existing customers with the unique THANK YOU gift of software that can be used day after day for years, keeping your targeted messages in view every time the software is used.

And users don't have to be connected to the Internet either see your important messages. Let's face it, pens run out of ink. Calendars become outdated.

Coffee mugs break. Plaques get relegated to someone's cardboard box. Why waste money on premiums when you could be using your marketing money more effectively and with far greater returns?

Why not it the more substantial promotional gift of custom-branded software designed for your company's products and services? You no longer need to be anxious about sending emails that could be mistaken for spam, either by your customers or their spam filters.

PSYB gets around the problem of spam because it doesn't use email for customers to receive your latest promotional information.

Print Screen Your Brand


Print Screen Your Brand

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